About Us

"People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." This principle has been at the heart of our operations since our founding in March 2001. Our commitment to you, our valued clients, and our community is to provide education and support in planning for a financially secure future.

Our Primary Purpose

We view ourselves not just as advisors but as partners. Our goal is to help you navigate the complexities of wealth accumulation strategies and sustainable retirement income plans, ensuring your financial security throughout your lifetime.

Maintaining the highest fiduciary standards of integrity and professionalism, we strive to understand your unique financial situation. This understanding allows us to offer high-quality information, services, and products that are tailored to help you reach and maintain your financial goals.

We've been privileged to watch lives and families grow, supporting some through three generations. We understand the history behind your financial decisions and stand ready to guide you through future ones. Our commitment to customer service is more than a promise; it's an ethos. We're here to listen to your concerns, alleviate your fears, and reassure you that we're in your corner.

Our Strategic Partnerships

Client Centered

Despite our modest size as a financial advisory office, we are backed by robust partnerships with several industry giants. Our powerful alliances include distinguished companies like American Funds, Invesco, AssetMark, and Jackson Life, to mention just a few.

 Additionally, we collaborate with esteemed firms such as JW Cole and Cornerstone Asset Management Services, shown here:   (bottom left: George Anastasakis,owner; bottom right: Nick Anastasakis, portfolio manager and top left: Stephanie Travers, admin mgr).  These strategic affiliations bolster our capabilities, allowing us to provide superior service and outstanding results.

J W Cole 

J W Cole 

Advisor Excellence Forum, March 2020

Front: Pamela Kruger and Craig Towley, Executive V.P.  Back:  Founding Principals:  John Carlson and R.J. Wood

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