Transitional Planning

As the elderly population grows and young adults are struggling financially, many individuals are finding themselves “sandwiched” between aging parents and their adult children. This position of caring for both their children and parents simultaneously creates both an emotional and financial hardship.

This rising demographic already accounts for about 47 percent of adults in their 40s and 50s. With so much stress, this “transitional” generation can experience caregiver burnout, issues finding time to be an attentive spouse/parent, trouble managing work, hobbies and anxiety as their pulled in multiple directions every day.


  • Financial education to dependent adult children to assist them in managing their own finances
  • Full review of your elderly parent’s finances to curb expenses, provide guaranteed lifetime income along with protection of assets from Medicaid Spend down.
  • Education of Long Term Care Insurance for the protection of parents assets in the event of assisted/skilled care living.
  • Review of tax saving benefits for the elderly parents and also for the adult children enrolled in higher education.
  • Discussion regarding the benefits of in-home senior care to relieve caregiver stress and worry.
  • Preparation of assets/income prior to the process of moving into an assisted living facility.
  • Consultation with family members concerning the expectations, feelings and anxiety to resolve these issues.

Caregiving is a complex task on it’s own, let us help you relieve some of this stress!

With our resources, we can help you to manage these issues along with much more, so you can find the time for yourself again.

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